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But being quiet inside and feeling present seems to have no apparent fulfillment. Yet this state of simple awareness has a great deal of hidden potential. If you pay a little attention as you sit in simple understanding, you will notice that you are not afraid, that you are open without judgment to whatever happens next, you are whole and complete as you are, and you are alert but calm.

Special love you memories frame download In this state of restful alertness, which you can return to any time you wish, an open channel exists to the flow of creative intelligence. Creative intelligence carries the qualities of pure awareness to the surface of the mind. These qualities are love, bliss, beauty, creativity, inner growth, and the solution to any problem.

It's crucial to understand that these traits are part of human nature. The limitations of the ego personality, or the negative aspect of human nature, are what we complain about in life and in our relationships. Fortunately, the mind encourages the flow of original thought.

Because the mind connects to the flow of creative intelligence, we experience happiness when we experience love, beauty, compassion, bliss, and the simple delight of existence. Your connections take on the same quality you are experiencing when you are in this flow.

Love yourself, and those around you will reciprocate. special love you memories frame download Everyone appears attractive when they experience beauty. This is not a deceptive optical illusion. It accurately depicts your inner experience.

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Special Love You Memories Frame Download

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Special Love You Memories Frame Download

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Special Love You Memories Frame Download

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