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Make your photo frame with name wishing happy Mattu Pongal. You will get here photo make and photo editing option. Mattu is a South Indian word that means bull, as the name suggests it is a celebration ...

Happy Pongal Wishes Card Photos Frames With Name

When the new year as per english calender begins in January, the 3 significant festivals are celebrated in across different regions and cultures in India which are Makarsankranti/uttarayan, Lohri and Pongal.

What is Pongal? How do You Wish Happy Pongal Wishes Photo Frame With Name Editing?

While lohri is celebrated especially in punjab, Makarsankranti / uttarayan is celebrated all over India while Pongal is significant in southern India, especially in the state of Tamil Nadu. Pongal is one of the most popular harvest festival celebrated between 14th to 17th of january in Tamil Nadu. The word 'Pongal' means 'To boil' in tamil and it is celebrated to express gratitude to the nature for its productivity.

1. Happy Bhogi Pongal Wishes Frame With Name

2. Happy Thai Pongal Wishes Frame With Name

3. Happy Mattu Pongal Wishes Frame With Name

4. Happy Kanum Pongal Wishes Frame With Name

There are 4 days in Pongal with each one having its own significance.

Day 1 which is celebrated on 14th january is called 'Bhogal' which is dedicated to the lord of the rain Indra.

Day 2 which is celebrated on 15th january is called 'Thai Pongal' and it is considered as the main day of Pongal festival. This day is dedicated to the the Sun by offering boiled rice.

Day 3 which is celebrated on 16th January is called 'Mattu pongal' and it is dedicated to the cows and the makeovers of the cow is done and also worshipped.

Day 4 which is celebrated on 17th january is called 'Kaanum pongal' and it is the last day of the Pongal.

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Pongal is a very important festival in India and it is very important for us to remember our friends and family on these festivals days and wish and greet them to share our joy and express their importance in our life. Wishing our near and dear ones is a simple task but adding a bit of creativity while wishing someone can have amazing impact on the recipient and make them feel good.

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